Bicentennial National Day Parade in 4K UHD

4K Toggle

This year NDP was telecast Live in 4K UHD on Toggle platform.  Setup of 4K production kit and systems integrations with HD truck started in early July. System was designed for simulcast of 4K UHD, HD and equipment were housed in 2 units of 20ft porta cabin.

High Dynamic Range

The High Dynamic Range contrast and rich colours of 4K UHD content were produced with 15 cameras (10 hard wired, 5 wireless), vision mixer, recording/playback severs and peripherals in 4K domain.  

Team went through 4 rehearsals before the big day.

4K equipment

In conjunction with our HD Truck, these are the 4K equipment involved for the trial:

  • Vision Mixer: XVS-7000

  • Cameras: HDC-4300, PXW-Z450, VSLINK HCAM

  • Lenses: UJ86X9.3B IESD-SB, CJ24EX7.5B IASE S, CJ14EX4.3B IASE S, CJ 45e x 9.7B IASE

  • Media Server: PWS-4500

  • Convertor: HDRC-4000 ,

  • Processor: NXL-FR316

  • Scope: LV5490, LV7390,

  • Monitors: BVM-HX310, PVM-A170, DP-V1711

The group shot of the production team and OB crew was taken in the afternoon at the padang.

Technical Production team:

  • Technical Producer: Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Samad

  • Vision Control: Thoe Teck Seng Raymond, Tan Tiap Hwa, Anuar Mushadad Bin Sabarshah

  • RF: Lee Jun Jie.

  • Vision Mixer: Mayadi Mohamad.

  • EVS/VT Ops: Abdul Karim Bin Mohamad

  • Camera Team: Mohamed Rabi Bin Osman, Soo Cheong Foo, Tham Whye Leong Kelvin, Sim Chin Kwang, Ng Kai Ting, Tang Jun Jie, Muhammad Amin Mohammad Mizar, Yusoff Bin Atan.

  • Lighting Support: Rajoo Selvakumar.

  • Sound Team: Lo Hak Sun, Mohammad Haffidz Bin Anuar, Ang Kok Kai Daniel, Leo Chin Ho, Phua Kia Eng, Wong Mi Xue Michelle, Renee Roozlynna Binte Roozlan, Muhammad Faddly Bin Ahmad, Seah Shi Huan Caleb, Shafiq Daniel Bin Mohamed Alim. Lee Mun Tong, Abdul Halid Naem, Suratman  Hassan

  • Electrical: Abdul Karim Bin Mohamad

  • Floor Managers: Suryani Bin Sarmadi

  • Technical 4K Team: Allen Ng, Razali Harun, Khee Toh Sun, Kwan Yew Chong, Lee Mun Tong, Melvin Chew JianKang

For more information on our HD OB Truck