Sian Chay bonding with love charity show 2019

Sian Chay Bonding with Love Charity Show 2019 has successfully ended on Sunday, 7th July 2019, at the MES Theatre with a donation of over $8M.

It was the first time Sian Chay Medical Institution worked with us to raise funds, and also a first for our female host of the night, Chua Qinkai, who co-hosted the program with veteran Sam Tseng and Pornsak. The Set was kept simple by Ahyak Yahya and the costumes were by Leong Yaowen.

In the spirit of Universal Love, keeping true to the ethos to the vision and mission of Sian Chay Medical Institution, the community came together and delivered a program with diverse languages and variations. We have Chinese Wushu with Chinese dance, Malay singing icon, Rahimah Rahim, sang Wang Zhao Jun and our Medeka Generation artistes doing a rap in various dialects.

The evening started off with a 70 dancer performance put up by the Singapore National Wushu Federation and Ju Wu Fang. It was no easy task to balance out the costumes requirement for the adults and kids performers yet not to overshadow the display of skills by our wushu National Players. Taking key element from traditional Chinese garment and the wushu outfit, Yaowen worked out a design that balances the form and functionality.

Designers, crew and artistes work hard for a good cause.


  • Technical Producer: Tan Tiong Boon

  • Vision Control: Khee Tok Sun, Yusof Bin Saat, Siow Kim Hoong Tom, Lim Chye Hoe

  • RF: Siow Kim Hoong Tom

  • Vision Mixer: Lim Wik Goe

  • EVS/VT Ops: Chew Jiankang Melvin

  • Camera Team: Puan Boon Hooi, Ahmad Fakhry Bin Zainodin, Lau Siong Chew,
    Soo Cheong Foo, Chan Ying Bi Jolene, Ng Kai Ting, Lim Chee Huat,
    Ibrahim Bin Jaafar, Sim Chin Kwang, Lai Siew Leong, Ong Leong Seng.

  • Camera Assistant: Xavier Ng, Ho Rong

  • Lighting Team: Heng Siew Fong May, Chang Ah Kee, Raymond Chia, Lim Heng Kiat

  • Sound Team: Tan Cheng Yean Peter, Ng Yun Wai, Lim Teng Lee, Phua Kia Eng,
    Wong Mi Xue Michelle, Sim Wee Min, chang Qi Yin, James, Alfie, Ain

  • Floor Managers: Oon Ling Chong, Ong Lek Tong Steven, Teh Hock Young, May Lim

  • Story Video & Photo: Jolene, Khee Tok Sun

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