Mediacorp's annual warehouse sale

June is usually the time for the annual Great Singapore Sale and Mediacorp also had its own warehouse sale to internal staff. On 26 June 2019, our studio opened its doors at 9 A.M. to welcome our first customers.

The warehouse sale had a plethora of items waiting to be snatched up. The selection included clothes and props from our wardrobe department that were sold at a reduced price. There were Zara dresses and jackets for $10, H&M shirts for $5, polo tees for $2 and even bed sheets for $20.

Many customers were elated at the finds, with one staff managing to find the perfect birthday dress. Others even found clothes for every single member of their families. Everyone was amazed at how many items could be bought with a small amount of money.

We encouraged a cashless payment system in the warehouse sale using Paynow and Paylah so that the customers could make payment if they did not have sufficient cash. There were team members who went around helping the buyers download and access the applications. This in turn helped to ease the crowds, and it was ultimately another successful sale!

For enquiry on costume rental, please call Ricky at 6357 5631, or email:

For props rental, please contact (65) 6350 3072.