Go Green, Hello Miss Driver!


There isn’t enough time for Elvin Ng and Carrie Wong to attain their class 4 Driving License for the Drama Series, ‘Hello Miss Driver’!

That was the challenge faced by our Executive Producer when faced with a script revolving around a private bus company.

Driving stationary VEHICLES

We have to use a green screen! But there is a 60-seater bus as well! The bus load is too heavy for our studios! Is there enough lights to light up such a huge wall and light the cast as well? Is there access to electricity or generators? The windows are tinted! What do we do? Do we have the budget for this endeavor?


The bumpy ride

The Digital Arts team was tasked with this challenge and tests in varying conditions were made. We tried shooting outdoors with a green panel and light reflectors. We considered renting a studio large enough to house the bus, but with insufficient access to lights.

The Ride Began

Exhausting all options, we decided to look within our own home and decided to construct a wall wide enough to shoot from angles within & outside the buses.

Wooden planks had to be laid on the floor of Studio 1 to spread the load that was concentrated on the 4 wheels. Harnessing our in-house studio lights, the walls were lit so bright, the tinted windows did not become a factor.


The Crew and Digital Arts team worked closely with the Lecturer and students from Nanyang Polytechnic (SIDM).  

The production process involved discussions, onsite visual effects supervision, and the post production process of coloring and compositing all the media files thru keying & rotoscoping.

The zero carbon footprint driving scenes from “Hello Miss Driver”.

The 20 episodes drama serial telecasts on 25th April 2019, and you can catch-up Hello Miss Drivers on Toggle

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