A special song for mum this Mother's Day


As we celebrate this special occasion, Mediacorp Mother’s Day song, ‘I LOVE U MUM’, aims to encourage Singaporeans to overcome the awkwardness of saying “I Love You” to their mums.

This year’s campaign will emphasize that message, and rally the nation to say it with a double finger heart gesture, signifying “heart to heart”. The campaign will be launched with a new song and a touching Music Video “大声说出我爱你”.


If you have difficulties expressing your gratitude to your mothers in words, one of the simplest solution is to dedicate this heartwarming song to her. This song is a special gift for your mum and there is really no better way to express your love for this special woman in your life.

“I Love You Mum, 大声说出我爱你”

你那温暖的手 曾是我的宇宙

给我温柔 替我加油 为我付出了所有

渐渐长大以后 只顾着向前走

直到多年后 一回眸才发现 你已白了头

I Love you Mum 换我牵你的手

一起看海 一起到处走走 从今后不会忘记


I Love you Mum 让我牵你的手

不管未来是喜是忧是愁 我要对亲爱的你

大声说出我真的爱你 拥抱最亲爱的你



Mothers deserve the best and serenade them with a special heartwarming song “大声说出我爱你. This meaningful song was a collaborative effort between well known local Lyricist Roy Li Fey Huei (黎沸辉) and Mediacorp Music Composer Matthew Teng. It was produced by Music & Sound Effect Director Mo Ju Li.


Shermaine Saw, one of the top 20 finalists of Mediacorp Chinese Reality Singing Show, ‘SPOP Sing!’ (SPOP 听我唱!) was chosen to be the lead singer of this song.   

The Song was backed by a group of vocalists comprising Mediacorp Radio DJs, SPOP Champion Jarrell Ng, Joel Choo, Chen Xiuhuan & daughter, etc.

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