Proud Awards 2019 – Best Taskforce Project

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The Best Taskforce Project was launched since Proud Awards 2018. The objectives of the award are: To embrace new technologies and innovative solutions; To enhance workflow leading to cost-savings and improved efficiency; To explore new avenue for revenue.

There are a total of 5 nominated teams:

  1. Set Design Graphic Library

  2. Online Editor Assignment

  3. Make-up & Hair Classes

  4. Immersive Sound

  5. POV Camera

This prestigious award was presented by our CEO Tham Loke Kheng.

Taskforce 1 – Set Design Graphic Library

project Team members:

  • Members: Chee Ming Leou, Jon Li Zun

Taskforce 2 – Online Editor Assignment

Project team members:

  • Members: Lilian Liu, Erat Vinodan

Taskforce 3 – Make-up & Hair Classes

project team members:

  • Members: Cheryl Zhang Yi, Chee Ming Leou, Poh Shae Ching

Taskforce 4 – Immersive Sound

project Team members:

  • Members: Naveen Chander, Mo Ju Li, Yong Chin Liang

Taskforce 5 – POV Camera

project Team members:

  • Members: Tom Siow Kim Hoong, Jolene Chan Ying Bi, Khee Tok Sun

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Taskforce 4 – Immersive Sound for winning this year’s Best Taskforce Project.

Read the stories below to find out more about our initiative in immersive sound.

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