The Art of Sound Design with Audio Post

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The Art of Sound Design

On 30 November 2018, Audio Post and Singapore Media Academy (SMA) co-hosted a public sharing session ‘The Art of Sound Design’.

The session was an introduction and a sneak preview to the upcoming part-time diplomat course on Sound Design which will take place in mid 2019.

During the sharing session the participants were not only offered a rare opportunity looking back into the history of sound design of television and movies in Singapore, they were also shared with the info on the future landscape of sound design.


The response of the sharing session was overwhelming. The application exceeded the class limit within 3 days after registration was open online. Eventually forty lucky ones were selected out of hundreds of applicants .

The session

The participants came from different background with a great variety of music knowledge. There were students from media classes, independent producers, video editors, sound engineers, screen writer, musicians, and even CEO of companies.

The Speaker

The sharing session was conducted by Mo Ju Li, our Music and Sound Effect Director. Ju Li has more than 30 years of experiences in Sound Design.

It takes a special set of skills to bring out the best in a Sound Designer. She shared the insight on the evolving of Sound Design landscape and the challenges we have faced in each juncture. She also shared her experience on how to develop an expert ear for quality and learn how to help sound designers to achieve their full potential over the years.

Through Mediacorp’s state-of-the-art facilities, the team of 16 sound designers has to continue building and sharpening their skills in the fast-changing environment. The passionate speaker gave nothing but the best of her work knowledge which contributed to making Audio Post a leader in the competitive industry.

The session has been an eye opener and inspiration to many keen participants.

The session has been an eye opener and inspiration to many keen participants.

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