The most complete coverage of Lunar New Year

Traditionally, Lunar New Year has been celebrated from first to fifteenth days of the first month of Lunar calendar. While many Singaporeans were enjoying and celebrating over the long break, did you know that our Studio OB crew was working round the clock, preparing for the coverage of three major Lunar New Year productions from four different locations. They have spent most of the fifteen days on the field making sure the festivities can be brought into every Singaporean’s family. This was the first time all three major events were covered by our team during the Lunar New Year period. These three events were:

  • Lunar New Year's Eve Special 2019

  • River Hongbao 2019

  • Chingay 2019

Lunar New Year's Eve Special 2019

Video by Tom Siow, Jolene Chan, Khee Tok Sun

Lunar New Year's Eve Special was a Live production from two locations, Studio 1 and Chinatown, on the New Year Eve. Besides performances by our artistes at Chinatown and Mediacorp studios, there will also be a specially-choreographed dance to usher in the Year of the Pig, zodiac analyses, exciting martial arts, lion dance and sand art performance. There will also be special segments featuring how Singaporeans welcome the Year of the Pig at our festive markets, Waterloo street Temple and with their families. 

Our OB Truck was deployed on site at Chinatown with a 5-camera set up: 3 hard-wired, 1 RF and 1 Jib. Bump in and system setup were done on 31 Jan and 1 Feb, followed by 2 days of rehearsal. Live TX was on 4 Feb which was the New Year Eve day.

River Hongbao 2019

Singapore Talent Night (新加坡派) is a collaboration between Mediacorp & SFCCA. It aims to showcase unique cultural aspects of Singapore during the festive season of Lunar New Year. Numerous local talents and various cultural groups are invited to create a spectacular show where modern art meets the traditional

Recording was on 9 February (the fifth day of Lunar New Year) at River HongBao @ The Float.

HD OB Truck was deployed to the Float witha 9-camera setup, including 4 hard-wired, 1 SteadiCam, 1 RF , 1 on 24-feet Jib, 1 on 40-feet Jib and a Drone.

Bump-in, rigging and technical setup was on 7 February. Tech run, system check and rehearsal was on the next day. The show was telecast on Ch8 on 19 Feb, which was also the 15th day of Lunar New Year, or commonly known as Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵节).

Catch up is available on Toggle.

Chingay 2019


This year Chingay 2019 was held on F1 Pit Building on 15 and 16 February 2019 with the theme “Dreams Funtasia (Bicentennial Edition)”.

Our HD OB Truck was deployed with a 8-camera setup: 3 hard-wired, 2 RF, 1 on 30-feet Jib, 1 Steadicam, and 1 drone. Bump-in and technical set up were on 13 Feb. Rehearsal was the next day. Recording on both days (15 and 16 Feb).

Chingay will be telecast on Monday 4 March 7 pm on Ch8.

Catchup will also be available on Toggle .

Our Technical Teams


  • Technical producer: Tan Tiong Boon

  • Vision Control: Yusof B Saat

  • Vision Mixer: Kwan Yew Chong

  • EVS/VT: Maisie Huang

  • Lighting: Lok Eng Keat, Raymond Chia, May Heng, Lim Heng Kiat

  • Sound: Choo Chong Soon, Peter Tan, William Ng, Abdul Halib, Michelle Wong, Koh Yee Chuan, Renee Roozlynna

  • Camera: Puan Boon Hooi, Ahmad Fahkry, Ibrahim Jaafar, Lau Siong Chew, Sng Jui Kia, Chan Choon Hui

  • Floor Manager: Suryani, Steven Ong


  • Technical producer: Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul Samad

  • Vision Control: Lee Jun Jie

  • Vision Mixer: Melvin Chew

  • EVS/VT: Abdul Karim Bin Mohamad

  • Lighting: Rajoo Selvakumar, Gopala Krishnan, Yusoff Bin Atan

  • Sound: Mohd Haffidz, Muhd Faddly, Calen Seah, Suratman, Daniel Ang, Shafiq Danial, Phua Jia Eng, Henry Wong

  • Camera: Mohd Rabi, Tang Jun Jie, Soo Cheong Foo, Yeo Poh Boon

  • Floor Manager: Teh Hock Young, Oon Ling Chong

River Hongbao

  • Technical producer: Mohamed Rabi

  • Vision Control: Raymond Thoe, Adbul Rahim

  • Vision Mixer: Mayadi Mohamad

  • EVS/VT: Abdul Karim Bin Mohamad

  • Lighting: Rajoo Selvakumar

  • Sound: Muhd Faddly, Calen Seah, Suratman, Daniel Ang, Shafiq Danial, Renee Roozlynna, Koh Yee Chuan

  • Camera: Tang Jun Jie, Kelvin Tham, Tom Siow, Lim Chye Hoe, Tan Toh Chuan, Lee Jun Jie, Yusof Atan

  • Floor Manager: Suryani, Steven Ong, Oon Ling Chong


  • Technical producer: Raymond Thoe

  • Vision Control: Adbul Rahim, Tan Tiap Hwa

  • Vision Mixer: Mayadi

  • EVS/VT: Karim

  • Lighting: Mushadad, Rajoo Selvakumar

  • Sound: Mohd Haffidz, Muhd Faddly, Calen Seah, Suratman, Daniel Ang, Shafiq Danial, Renee Roozlynna, Adbul Halib

  • Camera: Rabi, Tang JJ, Kelvin Tham, Soo Cheong Foo, Ng Kai Ting, Puan Boon Hooi, Ahmad Fahkry

  • Floor Manager: Suryani, Steven Ong.

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