A bountiful countdown to the year of pig

Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year. Based on the Chinese Lunar calendar, the first day of Lunar New Year usually falls between late January and mid February. This year’s LNY was on Tuesday 5 February 2019. Channel 8 ushered in and celebrated the spring festival with “Lunar New Year Eve Special 2019” Live from Studio 1 and Chinatown on the LNY eve.

Set Design

The production was held at two different locations, two of our Set Designers were assigned to the project. Senior Art Director Tay Siu Whye took care of Studio 1’s set, while Principal Set Designer Ho Chow Cheng handled Chinatown’s.

Chinese design elements were largely incorporated in the set design, but have been stylised to modernise the look. The set design consists of mostly LED display panels for both locations. The set in the Studio has quarter lattice design which flank both sides of the main screen is a graphic design put on LED wall. The main screen in the middle has a frame shaped like cherry blossom symbolising the bloom and the other panels on the sides enhance the blooming effect.

Fire crackers in STudio 1

To kick start the celebration in the Studio, Siu Whye designed a pair of giant “Fire Crackers” made of red balloons. The red balloons were attached to a string on pulley. There was a sharp point attached to the pulley and it would burst the balloons when the string was pulled. The sound of busting balloons resembled the sound of fire crackers. Traditionally, Chinese believe the cracker’s noise will ward away evil spirits.

Image Styling

Image styling was done by Senior Image Stylist Tee Yu Yan.

Here are her designs for the Host in the studio - Marcus Chin, Mark Lee, Dennis Chew, Pornsak, Quan Yi Fong and Vivian Lai.

Designs for Hosts at Chinatown - Lee Teng, Guo Liang, Desmond Ng,and Kym Ng.