Let's go Jalan Jalan in Studio 2

New Long form drama

Jalan Jalan (带你去走走) is Channel 8’s latest long-form drama, which started airing on 30 October 2018.  The drama revolves around a travel agency managed by a family headed by Chew Chor Meng and Lin Meijiao, along with their 4 children played by Dawn Yeoh, Jeremy Chan, Jayley Woo and Joel Choo.

jalan jalan title.jpg

Chen Jia Gu

TV Studio set

The studio set for Jalan Jalan consists of Zhang’s family house and the Inn. It is built in Mediacorp Studio 2, a 700-sqft space. The set is designed by Senior Art Director, Chen Jia Gu.

Studio floor plan

Jia Gu suggested that the set be themed like an inn for Jalan Jalan to reflect the warmth and friendliness of the drama’s title. Jalan Jalan means taking a friend or visitor out for a casual walk, and the set embodied that intimacy.

Warm wood panels were used to create the bunk beds similar to those in backpackers’ inns. Much thought was put into designing a tiny place that would house many visitors, such as putting curtains in each bunk to provide a sense of privacy. In the design process, Jia Gu drew inspiration from his homestay while he was on vacation in Taiwan. He recalled the homely and memorable atmosphere that the homestay created and tried to replicate it in the set design.

To Jia Gu and the production team, it was a refreshing project as they have never done such an intimate set up before. The whole designing process was a very enjoyable experience as he felt that he was building his dream vacation home.

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