We are Singaporeans, we won the Asian Academy Creative Awards

The inaugural Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA’s) recently honored the best from the region’s content industry, with Mediacorp winning a total of five awards. One of winning entries is “We are Singaporeans”, which won the title of the Best Game or Quiz Programme. Channel News Asia met the winners of the show and had a chat with them. Our Production Resource team is proud to be involved in the production is many areas, including Set Design, Costume and Wardrobe.

Set Design

Senior Art Director Tay Siu Whye went through 7 amendments before the last design was decided. This was because the team had to ensure that the addition of Singapore’s iconic elements would allow the global audience to easily identify Singapore from the set itself. Ultimately, the Siu Whye settled for simply the Marina Bay Sands and Changi Airport Control Tower, which were what Singapore’s skyline is known for. This made the backdrop uniquely and recognisably Singapore. In addition to the design of the backdrop, Siu Whye and her team also designed the set such that each guest participant was portrayed to be “compartmentalised” in their pigeon holes. This was a subtle prompt to make viewers question how much they actually know about Singapore.

image styling

Senior Image Stylist, Justin Lee, styled Najip Ali, the host of the programme. With some input from the production team and Najip himself, a local-based bespoke menswear label, Aston Blake, worked with Justin to create the Najip’s wardrobe. 

From the design of the blazers to selecting the appropriate printed fabric, Justin based his designs on 5 themes: Geometric, Tropical, Color-Blocking, Abstract and Repeated Prints. Here are some photos of the themes that were mentioned.  

Fittings were done soon after the tailored blazers were ready, with Justin piecing them up with matching tailored shirts and well-fitted trousers. With a great wardrobe at hand, Najip looked smart, sharp, and poised to host the show. 

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