Wings so sharp, you could fly

On 5th December 2018, eighteen lady colleagues embarked on a 2-hour journey to make themselves more beautiful, and attended the makeup class conducted by our Makeup Unit.


wings to your eyes

Supervisor Cheryl Zhang explained ways to use various types of eyeliner to draw winged eyes. Soon, the 18 women learnt the secret to the perfect winged-eye style that suited their eye shape to best draw attention to the eyes - wings so sharp, they could fly!

the perfect eyeliner needs dedication and specification

Assisted by Kate Tang, Heris Lee and Petty Sheng, the makeup artists worked with each participant to analyse the type of wings that suit them best. Cheryl demonstrated on one of a participants for all to see. Participants were then separated into groups according to the shape of their eyelid: single, tapered, parallel or hooded. This was followed by a hands-on make-up session by a member of the make-up team.

the messy bun

We have included a hair demonstration by Kate on the latest messy bun. With a few strands of hair hanging on the front of your face shapes it, helping you look relaxed, simple yet chic.


all good things in life are free

All participants left the workshop with the latest 3INA eyeliner each.

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