Editing down under between Singapore and Australia

the distance between

The Distance Between is a Toggle Originals drama. The production took place between 21 May 2018 and 29 June 2018, with the production team travelling across Australia to capture the spectacular backdrop and scenery. Some areas that were filmed include Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast.

Editing on-the-go

Sim Shoong Kun, our video editor, did the editing for the series while travelling down under with the production team. In order to support the editing on the road, Shoong Kun had to carry a 7-kg laptop computer with 20 portable drives containing 56 TB of footage.  

At beginning of every day, Shoong Kun had to complete the rough cut of scenes shot the day before. Occasionally he also had to travel to filming locations to show the scenes to the director for approval before the next shoot. There was one instance where wall sockets were not available at the filming location, and the laptop battery ran out. Fortunately, Director Woon Woon managed to check the shots before the battery went flat.  

Click to view The Distance Between on Toggle

Click to view The Distance Between on Toggle

location location location

At some of the more remote locations, internet connection was either weak or not available. Hence footage provided by the Tourism Department could not be downloaded for editing. In addition to editing, Shoong Kun had to back up footage from each day and send them back to Singapore via DHL. Some locations were so remote that the DHL personnel could not even locate the crew and Shoong Kun had to wait till he moved on to the next location to send the media back. 

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