What a nostalgic blessing

Series 1 of Blessing was the second most watched 9pm drama on Channel 8 in 2014. The cross-era family drama is now returning for a second season, in which Da Xi time travels 100 years back to 1918 to meet his great-grandfather. The production was a tremendous task for our image stylist team as they had to fit all the cast with costumes of the era.

The research

In order to fit the cast with historically accurate costumes, the image stylist team had to find references of Singaporean fashion in the 1910s - 1930s, which was not commonly available.  Most of the references found were black and white pictures of street scenes and architecture instead of fashion. Our final take on the costumes were referenced from Lee Brothers Studio Collection, a photo book from National Archives of Singapore, and albums passed down by our stylists’ grandparents.

Blessing 2 theme song

Blessing 2 theme song


The challenge of creating the costumes started with fabrication. The rough coarse fabric that the average men wore during that era needed to be sourced and shipped from China. Another challenge that the stylists faced was finding a local seamtress with the technique to make unique self fabric buttons that were from that era.  

The fun part of the project was being able to play dress up. We went online to buy vintage 1910s dresses and accessories. A variety of hair pieces and hair extensions were used to create female hairstyles from that era. For the male actors, carefully trimmed moustaches and round rimmed spectacle frames became their best accessories.

What a blessing to have our image stylists recreate the nostalgic era in the drama again.

Watch the series on Channel 8 starting 1 October 2018, or catch-up on Toggle.

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