Listen to the numbers in Anugerah Planet Muzik

Anugerah Planet Muzik

Anugerah Planet Muzik (2018) honours the outstanding talents and professionals in the regional Malay music industry. The show features artistes and musicians from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. Anugerah Planet Muzik was organized by Mediacorp Suria, Warna 94.2FM and Ria 89.7FM. This event was held at MES theatre on 28 Sep 2018 and was telecast live. Nabil Ahmad from Malaysia, Fiza O from Singapore and Daniel Mananta from Indonesia hosted the show.

The event was graced by popular artistes such as Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, Rossa, Isyana Sarasvati, Judika, Ryan Sufiyan, MimFly, Khai Bahar, Sara Fajira, Ayda Jebat, The Pinholes, Adrian Khalif, Farhan Shah, Jaz and GAC.

The numbers speak

A number of equipment were used to ensure the quality of the show. The following is the list of equipment used in the production.

  • 1 Lawo MC66 Console

  • 1 Yamaha CL5 Console

  • 1 Yamaha CL3 Console

  • 2 Digico SD7 Console

  • 3 stand mics

  • 4 EVS playback

  • 12 wedge speakers

  • 3 in-ear monitors for the hosts

  • 16 in-ear monitors for the singers

  • 24 mics for the Pinholes band

  • 31 mics for the singer and hosts

  • 118 audio channels

audio team

Given the great emphasis on music, a separate room was set up as band mix to support the theatre sound facilities.

Here are the 12 members of our audio team:

  • Band mix: Mohammad Haffidz Bin Anuar

  • FOH: Abdul Halid Biin Naem

  • House Mix: Peter Tan Cheng Yean

  • Broadcast mix: Sunny Lo Hak Sun

  • Foldback and stage support: Michelle Wong Mi Xue, Muhammad Faddly Bin Ahmad, Caleb Seah, Yap Lay Hua, Sylvia Lim Teng Lee and Nurun Ain

  • Comms: Daniel Ang


Technical Team:

  • Technical producer: Tan Tiong Boon, Yusof Bin Saat.

  • Vision Mixer: Melvin Chew, Maisie Huang

  • Lighting: A Razak Maamor, Gopala Krishnan, Lok Eng Keat, Heng Siew Fong May

  • Sound: Lee Mun Tong, Sunny Lo Hak Sun, Peter Tan Cheng Yean, Abdul Halid Naem, Mohd Haffidz, Muhd Faddly, Sylvia Lim, Michelle Wong Mi Xue, Yap Lay Hua, Daniel Ang, Nurun Ain

  • Camera: Puan Boon Hooi, Ahmad Fakhry, Ibrahim Jaafar, Lau Siong Chew, Lim Chee Huat, Jolene Chan Ying Bi, Ng Kai Ting, Yeo Poh Boon.

  • Floor Manager: Suryani, Oon Ling Chong, Hammond Tan

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