Festive tunes for Mediacorp's LNY album 2019

Singing Chinese New Year songs in August might sound awkward & weird but the familiar festive tunes of Chinese New Year can already be heard inside Mediacorp’s Audio Post.  Composing and recording these songs has become an enjoyable routine at our Audio Suites.

Chinese New Year album is an annual customary production at Mediacorp.  Pre-production of the album takes place 6 months before the Lunar New Year. 

The production kicks off from Audio Post as early as August with music composition, re-arrangement of traditional songs and vocal recordings.

In addition to the more well-known traditional Chinese New Year songs, Mediacorp Audio Post will also produce one brand new festive Chinese New Year song each year with the theme centered around the zodiac character of the year.

The Chinese New Year album 2019 will include a total of 59 artistes across all Mediacorp Chinese platforms, namely News, Radio, Entertainment and Drama.

They were scheduled for their vocal recording sessions in Audio Post’s studio and the mission was completed in 2 weeks !


As soon as the songs were recorded, the next phase of production begins.  Lights, Action, Camera….and the production of the ever popular Music Video begins.

  • Makeup

  • Wardrobe

  • Location crew

  • Video Post

  • Digital artists

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