Experience the reality of VR360 productions

The compelling reality

Every story can be illustrated in various mediums and viewing angles. If you have the right story and compelling reasons, Virtual Reality (VR) presents a new creative and exciting opportunity for local production teams to explore and execute.  The immersive environment of VR360 gives the audience a complete panorama viewing experience. It  should stimulate the viewer’s physical presence and allows them to almost feel that they are at the the scene. 


Mediacorp Studios has rolled out several VR content proposals and to be delivered across all online and social media platforms, as well as the new upcoming Toggle VR player.

Project 1 : 
Love At Cavenagh Bridge (加文纳桥的约定)

“Love at Cavenagh Bridge” is a 10-episode Toggle Originals. Each episode tells an unforgettable and soul-stirring story of ten couples in their own ways. Beside the 10 episodes, we have also produced a 4-minute VR360 video. You may click below to view.

Click to view the VR360 of Love at Cavenagh Bridge on Toggle

Click to view the VR360 of Love at Cavenagh Bridge on Toggle

Project 2 :
Getai Challenge (歌台星力量-兴旺发)

Project 3 :
Blessing 2 (祖先保佑2)

Projects in the pipelines

  • Lunar New Year MV

  • Mediacorp Experience

  • Wake Up

  • New Year Countdown 2019


Mediacorp works closely with Cgangs International as training partner for our Virtual Reality (VR) Incubator Programme. Cgangs offers their expertise in VR360 production, training 70 Mediacorp staff from concept, planning through to shoot, stitch, post-production, integration and delivery.

November 2017 with 15 attendees from the Mediacorp production unit, which included producers, writers, cameraman and editing crew.

Masterclass for basic VR literacy – participants will learn basic VR content creation, from storyboarding to post-production.

First VR introduction conducted by Cgang at Mediacorp Studio Four.