Taking Getai Challenge from heartland to theatre

The road to grand final

Watch the video below to see the studio team working behind the scenes of the Getai Challenge 2018.


GeTai Challenge 2018 is a Channel 8 singing competition among current GeTai singers, where several contestants will pit their vocal abilities against each other on stage. "Getai" (歌台) literally means “song stage” in Chinese, and is a familiar sight to see in the heartlands during the 7th month of the lunar calendar. In deciding where to record our first episode, we decided to bring the show to the people, and held it in the Yishun estate. The outdoor stage was erected in the open space next to Khatib MRT Station on March 6, 2018. An overwhelming crowd turned up to soak in the festivities, and the young and old alike can be seen waving LED cards in support of the singers and clapping enthusiastically along to the beat. Subsequent episodes were then recorded indoors in Studio 1. 

In June 2018, the production team took to the streets again. This time round, the venue was at the open space near Macpherson MRT station. Like the first recording, there was a massive turn out, with fans and residents spilling out from the open space into the streets. 

Traditionally, Getai performances have always been held on make-shift stages set-up in open spaces along streets. Although the Getai Challenge 2018 managed to feature the wonderful heartland atmosphere, we also decided to elevate the experience by holding the Grand Final of the challenge in our MES Theatre. With the MES Theatre being world class venue with premium acoustics and facilities, the performance went down as one of the most glamorous Getai event in Singapore history. 

The grand final

There were a total of more than 80 performers on stage during the Grand Final of Getai Challenge and the preparations to get the performers camera ready was extremely hectic and intense. Getai performers are known to have very elaborate and detailed make-up and hair. Can you imagine how crowded and packed the make-up room was before the recording? Fortunately, we managed to complete everything in time with the teamed effort of our make-up unit and the Monsoon Group 

The Grand Final was telecast on 10 August,  10:30am on Channel 8.

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