Grab a slice of celebrity at our warehouse sale

Lelong Lelong!

Our wardrobe and props store have done many warehouse sale events in the past. During these events, we would do clearance sale of clothes, accessories, shoes and props items which were used in TV productions and no longer needed. They could have been worn or used by artistes, celebrities and appeared on TV series. Though all the clothes were dry cleaned and washed before the sale, the stardust lingers. What's more the price can be as low as one dollar per piece. As such, the events have always attracted big crowd, even though the events were opened only to internal staff. 

madness in studio 1

On 25 July, we did another warehouse house sale exclusive to internal staff. It took us one month to prepare. This latest event was held in our Studio 1, the biggest TV Studio in Singapore. Watch the video above how we set up the studio before the sale. We started selling around 10 am, and crowd started to stream in even before lunch hour. As you can see, our colleagues were happily snapping up clothes, shoes, accessories and props at low prices.


Preparation & Set-up

Lunch time crowd

The sales ended after lunch. It was a tiring but rewarding day for the team. We will be back next year with more and newer selection for sale. 

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