Dressed to kill in Getai Challenge Grand Final

Getai Challenge is a Channel 8 singing competition among current Getai singers. The 18 episodes program has finally reached the Grand final as the Top 20 “battle it out”.  For the Grand Final, we have invited guest artiste Daniel Luo Shi Feng.  Hosts for the show are Desmond Ng and Pornsak.   Other artistes include Liu Ling Ling, Wang Lei,  Chen Han Wei,  Dennis Chew,  Marcus Chin, Hao Hao, and many others. 


In the opening segment of the Grand Final, all contestants well be performing a song item together on stage. The challenge for the image stylist was that she had to design their costume to have similar and consistent design element for all performers but also have to bring out their unique personality and characteristic individually.

Annie Chua, our Principal Image Stylist has been in charge of the image for Getai Challenge. She worked closely with her team from Make-up unit and Monsoon group, and have created a total image for the opening segment using a mixture of neckties of different colours, sizes and prints. 

Annie understands each performing artiste's preference and design around it.  She has also designed the dancers' costumes to complement the artistes.   There was an imaging session and every detail was discussed and amended until perfect.

Here are the 10 contestants in specially designed costume for the opening segment. Let us know which one is your favorite design. 

The Grand Final is at MES Theatre at Mediacorp on 26 Jul 2018 at 7:30pm.  Tickets are on sale now.

For more information on our Star Stylist, click here.