The ultimate immersive experience at Asia's first AuroMax cineplexes

The opening of Asia's first AuroMax Cineplex

In a FIRST for Singapore and Asia, Filmgarde Cineplexes has been working strategically with Mediacorp Audio Post, Auro Technologies and Barco. This alliance has led to the debut of the next generation immersive sound technology AuroMax® across all of Filmgarde's cinema halls at Century Square.

The brand new AuroMax® is the next frontier and epitome of the Auro technology. It is the format of choice for many international cinemas and is also supported by major and international organizations such as NATO (National Organisation of Theatre Owners), UNIC and DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative).

AuroMax® is also represented by major exhibitors, Hollywood studios and the SMPTE (the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers). As of June 2018, there are more than 600 theatres worldwide committed to the AuroMax® format. In addition, there are more than 50 leading post-production studios and 120 international films released in Auro®.

AuroMax® is confidently positioned as the ultimate immersive sound system on the market, creating a natural and 3D listening experience allowing Singapore’s audience to feel as though they are right in the film. The opening of Asia's AuroMmax immersive 3D sound multiplex brings Singapore cinemas and movies to international standards. 

Movie Mixing Studio

Mediacorp’s Movie Mixing Studio is proud to have the first certified Auro3D® and AuroMax® mixing studio in Southeast Asia. It is responsible for the impressive sound post of multiple international and local acclaimed films such as Ah Boys to Men 4 and The Big Day. Singapore is the first in Asia to offer the full slate of immersive 3D sound, from having the technological expertise, to production facilities and the delivery of the full consumer experience on-screen. This first-of-its-kind cross-sector working relationship reinforces Filmgarde’s continuous effort to support local productions and raises the industry’s audio and visual capabilities.

Mediacorp Movie Mixing Studio.

Mediacorp Movie Mixing Studio marked its first anniversary.

Says Ms Doreen Neo, the Chief Content Officer of Mediacorp: “We are excited that Filmgarde Cineplexes is launching AuroMax® across all its theatres at Century Square. Together with Mediacorp’s Movie Mixing Studio, Singapore not only has the ability to produce, but also to showcase content in AuroMax®. This delivers an extraordinary international immersive sound experience to movie-goers in Singapore and gives the local film industry a significant boost in its production capabilities.”

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