Get into the new VR Experience Centre and Get Virtual!


Mediacorp launched Get:Virtual on 30 April 2018. A VR Experience Centre, Get:Virtual was strategically set up at level 9 of our campus to bring the AR/VR technology closer to people. We invited various VR production companies to bring in their gear and technology to showcase their capabilities and content. The 5m x 5m room also had mini VR exhibition.

Mediacorp Studios will be producing at least six videos with VR360 content in the next 12 months. Besides uploading them online and on our social media platforms, they were also showcased at Get:Virtual. You can view our very first VR360 production, Love At Cavanagh Bridge here.

The design concept

Depicting the new dimension in the virtual world, the design connects the viewers by exploring the virtual experience with the various headsets. The strong lines on the ceiling piece blend in with architectural characteristics of the corporate floor from level 9 to 12. The light speed lines on the backdrop hints at space and dimension beyond reality. 

The design considerations

Get:Virtual borrows the concept of a pop-up store with open top. The addition of the small ceiling pieces achieves a semi-indoor feel and makes the space more cosy and inviting. All the furniture are movable, and can be easily rearranged or reconfigured to suit various VR content or hardware requirement. A large LED screen is added to show the visuals of what the players see and experience on their headset.

The interior was designed by our Principal Set Designer, Ho Hock Choon and assisted by Set Designer, Mindy Goh. 

The direction

Doreen Neo, Chief Content Officer, said, “VR is an emerging technology set to radically change the way media is consumed. It promises consumers an immersive experience and unique interaction on a level of engagement never imagined before. Mediacorp Studios has been producing dramas and variety programmes for more than three decades. Now, we aim to deliver VR content that leverages on our existing intellectual properties. In addition, we aim to create original stories to continue engaging viewers and provide them with an immersive experience.”

She added, “Internally, we aim to train up at least 20 in-house VR experts to produce VR content within the next 12 months. We hope to be a leader in creating a robust and vibrant VR industry in Singapore.”