A huge challenge in a mini-mart

The Mini-Mart

Have you seen the mini-mart in the drama, Reach for the Skies? Can you believe that it was constructed completely, shelves and all, within our very own Studio 2? Watch the time-lapsed video to see how Studio 2 transformed into a realistic and homely mini-mart in Hougang Estate. 


The Design Team

In setting up a convincing mini-mart, our Senior Art Director, Chen Jiagu, found that he had to think from the perspective of a graphic designer, interior designer and stock-keeper all at once. Together with our new Set Designer, Jasmine Lim, and another Set Decorator, Jasmine Goh, the team designed, printed and pasted every label on each product on the shelves. To avoid any potential copy-right infringement issues, the labels and packaging had to be re-designed. Hence, even the task of filling up the shelves was challenging and tedious. What many manufacturers took years to come up with; such as the shape, colour and design of their products, Jiagu and his team took only 3 months. This was the first time Jiagu and his team had to plan and design all the items displayed on the shelves, as this is the first drama to be centered on a mini-mart.

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