Immerse yourself in the new AuroMax 26.1 at our Movie Mixing Studio

Movie Mixing Studio

At the Mediacorp Campus at one-north, our state-of-the-art Movie Mixing Studio (MMS) is designed by world renowned professional studio designer, David Hawkins. MMS is fitted with Barco Digital Cinema projector, 43 Quested Professional Cinema Monitor speakers and Fairlight EVO Digital Workstation. Our Movie Mixing Studio is enabled for any digital audio formats, including Auro3D 11.1 and AuroMax 26.1.

Movie Mixing Studio, Mediacorp Audio Post,

Movie Mixing Studio, Mediacorp Audio Post,

Introducing AuroMax 26.1

SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer) is soon to establish the standard that defines our Motion Picture Immersive Sound Track and how it's distributed. As a result, any movie created in immersive sound will play on systems design or accommodate this standard. With one inter-operable delivery standard for immersive sound, the concerns about which movies will be released on what format will no long be an issue.

In anticipation of these standards, Auro Technology has releases their latest immersive sound rendering technology: AuroMax. AuroMax incorporates the best characteristics of object-based technology and offers a realistic immersive experience for movie goers. Watch the video below to understand more about AuroMax. 

Mediacorp Audio Post

Mediacorp Audio Post has adopted AuroMax Technology. We are the first in South East Asia supporting the rendering of AuroMax.  

Mediacorp Audio Post was established in 1979. In the early years, music and sound effects were done in mono and stereo. Today, we are able to support surround sound in 5.1, 7.1, and the 3D immersive sound in Auro 11.1 and AuroMax 26.1. See our state-of-the-art facilities in the showreel below.

Music and audio mixing are highly valued components in the movie production process and transcends borders.  Mediacorp Audio Post has been collaborating with professional movie production teams locally and across the region, providing a one-stop audio post production service for their projects.

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