Proud Awards 2018 – Best Taskforce Project


This year in Proud Awards 2018, we are proud to announce an all new award category: The Best Taskforce Project! This award was created to recognise the different teams which came up innovative contributions to improve the workflow, leading to cost-savings and efficiency.

There are a total of 5 nominated teams:

  1. Studio 4 Revamp
  2. DOE Workflow
  3. PR Weekly Stories
  4. SxS Card Backup Solution
  5. 4K Raw Workflow

This prestigious award was presented by our CEO Tham Loke Kheng at the Proud Awards 2018 Ceremony.

Taskforce Project #1 – Studio 4 Revamp

project Team members:

  • Lead: Chee Ming Leou
  • Members: Ahyak, Christine Ayu, Jon Li, Lim Joo Liong 

Taskforce Project #2 – DOE Workflow

Project team members:

  • Lead: Tan Chee Beng
  • Members: Erat Vinodan, Koh Kah Yen, Lai Chun Kwong, Lilian Liu & Victor Yeo 

Taskforce Project #3 – PR Weekly Stories

project team members:

  • Lead: Barry See
  • Members: Chee Ming Leou, Tan Chee Beng, Lim Joo Liong, James Hong & Soh Kok Leong 

Taskforce 4 – SxS Card Backup Solution

project Team members:

  • Lead: Soh Kok Leong
  • Members: Lai Chun Kwong 

Taskforce Project #5 – 4K Raw Post Production Workflow

project Team members:

  • Lead: Alicia Wong
  • Members: Erat Vinodan, Lai Chun Kwong & Victor Yeo

And the winner is...

Congratulations to the winning team of the first Taskforce Project Award - Studio 4 Revamp! To find out more information on Studio 4, click here.

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