Proud Awards 2018 – the complete nomination list

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“Proud Awards” is a “Star Awards” for our colleagues in Production Resource. These awards are to recognise the good work done by our Production Resource teams with output teams in the different areas of specialisation. There will be 27 award categories this year and nominations have been announced on 23 Feb 2018. 

Here is the complete list of 2018 Proud Awards nominations:

Best Production Support

  • Alan Loh, “Location Crew Driver”
  • Ang Teng Ghee, “Chi Drama, Location Support”
  • Daisy Lim, “Studio Resource Manager”
  • Tan Keng Huat, “Props Supply”
  • Wendy Phua, “Central Post, Media Management”

Best Set Design for Drama

  • Chen Jiagu, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)
  • Chen Jiagu, “Dream Coder” (梦想程式)
  • Ho Hock Choon, “Soul Reaper” (勾魂使者)
  • Wong Lab Seng, “The Lead” (第一主角)
  • Wong Lab Seng, “Faculty”

Best Set Design for Variety

  • Ahyak Yahya, “Star Awards 2017” (红星大奖2017)
  • Ahyak Yahya, “Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017”
  • Ho Chow Cheng, “Silver Carnival (Apr – Sep”17)” (银色嘉年华)
  • Low Delon, “Happy Can Already 2” (欢喜就好 2)
  • Tay Siu Whye, “We are Singaporeans: Global Edition”

Best Costume

  • Annie Chua Yi Jun , “LNY Eve Special 2017” (咕鸡咕鸡庆丰年)
  • Ivan Goh Eu Jin, “The Lead” (第一主角)
  • Justin Lee Zhen An, “Soul Reaper” (勾魂使者)
  • Mark Chua Keng Hock, “Tanglin 3”
  • Tee Yu Yan, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)

Best Make-up & Hair for Drama

  • Alvin Ang Ping Kheng & Zhang Shen, “Mightiest Mother-in-Law” (最强岳母)
  • Chau Kim Wa & Leslie Loo Choon Hee, “Hero” (大英雄)
  • Chris Siow Chin Ting & Kate Tang Chai Fang, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)
  • Dennis Chua Kwee Leng & Kate Tang Chai Fang, “Faculty”
  • Leslie Loo Choon Hee & Vinson Leo Teng Peng, “The Lead” (第一主角)

Best Make-up & Hair for Variety

  • Alvin Ang Ping Kheng & Kenny Teoh Kim Yam, “The Road to Star Awards 2017” (红星大奖影聚响宴 )
  • Alvin Ang Ping Kheng & Kenny Teoh Kim Yam, “Star Awards 2017” (红星大奖2017)
  • Cheryl Zhang Yi & Zhang Shen, “LNY Eve Special 2017” (咕鸡咕鸡庆丰年)
  • Dennis Chua Kwee Leng & Zhang Shen, “Thong Chai Charity Show 2017” (同济医院慈善夜2017)
  • Wee Hip Hee, “Golden Age Talentime (Oct'16 – Mar'17)” (黄金年华之斗歌竞艺)

Best Wardrobe Support for Drama

  • Anna Chua Paik Hoon, “Dream Coder” (梦想程式)
  • Chew Kim Huay, “Hero” (大英雄)
  • Chew Kim Huay, “Mightiest Mother-in-Law” (最强岳母)
  • Loh Mun Kok, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)
  • Veloce Wong Wan Ping, “Tanglin 3”

Best Wardrobe Support for Variety

  • Goh Ching Huay , “Thong Chai Charity Show 2017” (同济医院慈善夜2017)
  • Ng Ah Hoon , “Ah Ma Can Cook” (阿嬷来做饭)
  • Pandora Wang Shu Xuan, “Celebrate 2017: Countdown With The Stars”
  • Veloce Wong Wan Ping, “Super100”
  • Yow Siew Kim, “SPD Charity Show 2017” (SPD 真情无障爱 2017)

Best Camera Work for Drama

  • Ang Soon Bee, “Dream Coder” (梦想程式)
  • Chin Kuan Min, “Mightiest Mother-in-Law” (最强岳母)
  • Sani Bin Bangi, “Faculty”
  • Toh Meng Teck, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)
  • Tommy Lee Heng Soon, “The Lead” (第一主角)

Best Camera Work for Variety

  • Aziz Jantan, “Designer in the House”
  • Chris Siew Jia Yaw, “My Star Guide Sr12” (我的导游是明星 #UK)
  • Teh Chiou Sin, “Unique Lodging (Europe)” (不一样的旅店)
  • Thong Weng Leong, “Unique Lodging (Laos)” (不一样的旅店)
  • William Tan Wee Lian, “Unique Lodging (India)” (不一样的旅店)

Best Lighting for Drama

  • Ang Ooi Muah, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)
  • David Cheng Lai Soon, “The Lead” (第一主角)
  • Low Wee Kun, “Mightiest Mother-in-Law” (最强岳母)
  • Papusmy s&o Ramalingam (Samy), “Tanglin 3”
  • Yap Wai Seng, “Dream Coder” (梦想程式)

Best Sound for Drama

  • Chong Yew Hoong, “My Teacher is a Thug ” (爱不迟疑)
  • Frankie Tan Puay Kee, “Mightiest Mother-in-Law “ (最强岳母)
  • John Neo Sei Keng, “Hero “ (大英雄)
  • Mohamed Misnawi Bin Jantan, “Tanglin 3 “
  • Sumen P Veerasamy, “Crimewatch 2017 “

Best Sound for Variety

  • Abdul Rahman Bin Talib, “Ah Ma Can Cook” (阿嬷来做饭)
  • Eric Syn Chew Kuan, “Unique Lodging (Laos)” (不一样的旅店)
  • Johnny Sim Bak Tong, “My Star Guide Sr 12” (我的导游是明星#Taiwan)
  • Yap Wee Ming, “Ah Ma Can Cook” (阿嬷来做饭)

Best Crew Assistant for Drama

  • Andrian s&o Savary, “My Teacher is a Thug” (爱不迟疑)
  • Benjamin Tan Zhi Min, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)
  • Kan Chan Hua, “Hero” (大英雄)
  • Low Kang Joon, “The Lead” (第一主角)
  • Low Kang Siong, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)

Best Crew Assistant for Variety

  • Abdullah Noordin, “Eat List Star”
  • Ang Swee Hoe, “Ah Ma Can Cook” (阿嬷来做饭)
  • Choi Seong Bum, “Ah Ma Can Cook” (阿嬷来做饭)
  • Chua Mun Ang, “Ah Ma Can Cook” (阿嬷来做饭)
  • Wong Hong San, “Ah Ma Can Cook” (阿嬷来做饭)

Best Camera Work for Multi-Camera Production

  • Ibrahim B Jaafar & team, “Anugerah 2017 Final”
  • Kelvin Tham & team, “Celebrate 2017: Countdown With The Stars”
  • Kuek Swee Poh & team, “118 Sr2”
  • Lau Siong Chew & team, “LNY Eve Special 2017” (咕鸡咕鸡庆丰年)
  • Puan Boon Hooi & team, “Star Awards 2017” (红星大奖2017)

Best Lighting for Multi-Camera Production

  • Abdul Razak & team, “Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017”
  • Chang Ah Kee & team, “LNY Eve Special 2017” (咕鸡咕鸡庆丰年)
  • Gopala Krishnan & team, “Deepavali Countdown 2017”
  • Lok Eng Keat & team, “Star Awards 2017” (红星大奖2017)
  • Tan Soon Hock & team, “118 Sr2” (要要发II)

Best Sound for Multi-Camera Production

  • Abdul Halid Naem & team, “Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017”
  • Lo Hak Sun & team, “NDP 2017”
  • Peter Tan & team, “Star Awards 2017” (红星大奖2017)
  • Peter Tan & team, “Celebrate 2017: Countdown With The Stars”
  • Peter Tan & team, “Thong Chai Charity Show 2017” (同济医院慈善夜2017)

Best Technical Producer

  • Khee Tok Sun & team, “LNY Eve Special 2017” (咕鸡咕鸡庆丰年)
  • Razali Harun & team, “Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017”
  • Tan Tiong Boon & team, “Star Awards 2017” (红星大奖2017)
  • Yusof Bin Saat & team, “Vasantham Star 2017”

Best Vision Mixer

  • Kwan Yew Chong & team, “Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017”
  • Lim Wik Goe & team, “Star Awards 2017” (红星大奖2017)
  • Maisie Huang & team, “Muzika Ekstravaganza”
  • Melvin Chew, “Body SOS 6” (小毛病大问题6)

Best Floor Manager

  • Nominees, “Programme Titles” (Chinese Titles)
  • Oon Ling Chong, “Star Awards 2017” (红星大奖2017)
  • Steven Ong, “Thong Chai Charity Show 2017” (同济医院慈善夜2017)
  • Suryani, “Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017”
  • Teh Hock Young, “Star Awards 2017 Walk of Fame” (红星大奖2017 星光大道)

Best Opening Title

  • Leonard Giam Siaw Wee, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)
  • Lim Yuxiang, “Go Online” (全城上线)
  • Lucas Wong You Zheng, “Hero” (大英雄)
  • Xia Ran, “Thong Chai Charity Show 2017” (同济医院慈善夜2017)

Best Editing for Drama

  • Koh Kah Yen, “The Lead” (第一主角 #17)
  • Sim Shoong Kun, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋 #11)
  • Simon Poon Yiu Tung, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋 #20)
  • Steven Lee Beng Hui, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋 #1)
  • Tan Si Ya, “Hero” (大英雄 #28)

Best Editing for Variety

  • Eson Kwong Ka Choy, “Oh My Heroes” (超人哪里找 #1)
  • Liu Lilian, “Unique Lodging” (不一样的旅店 #1)
  • Seah Lee Yan, “Oh My Heroes” (超人哪里找 #5)
  • Sujith Kumar Sukumaran, “Crimewatch” (#1)
  • Victor Yeo Wai Meng, “A Gift For Mum” (妈妈的礼物 #4)

Best Sound Design for Drama

  • Chan Li Shen & Zhen Hui Ting, “118 Sr2”
  • Leong Mei Han & Matthew Teng, “Hero” (大英雄)
  • Leong Mei Han & Matthew Teng, “My Teacher is a Thug” (爱不迟疑)
  • Long Soo Ming & Yong Chin Liang, “Eat Already 2” (吃饱没2)
  • Long Soo Ming & Zheng Kai Hua, “When Duty Calls” (卫国先锋)

Best Sound Design for Variety

  • Chan Li Shen & Zheng Hui Ting, “Ah Ma Can Cook” (阿嬷来做饭)
  • Eu Sze Yan & Matthew Teng, “Designer In The House”
  • Leong Mei Han & Wong Lee Chin, “Take a Break” (说走就走 ~ 短假游)
  • Leong Mei Han & Wong Lee Chin, “Oh My Heroes” (超人哪里找)
  • Long Soo Ming & Yong Chin Liang, “Happy Can Already 2” (欢喜就好 2)

Proud Awards ceremony

The award ceremony will be hosted by Bryan Wong and will be held on Friday 9 March 2018 at 3 pm in Mediacorp Studio 1. The results will be published on Our Story on Monday, 12 March 2018. 


The event poster of Proud Awards ceremony