Crew on Cruise of Less Ordinary

crew on cruise

The location crew went for a cruise trip together with the production team of Life Less Ordinary in November 2017. The 5-day trip travelled along the Straits of Malacca, stopping over at Penang and Langkawi, before returning to Singapore. 

not another holiday

This was unlike an ordinary holiday trip. The team had to work with the limited time on board to cover two episodes of the long-form drama. The biggest challenge was that there were other tourists on board. The crew must ensure minimal interruption to the other tourists during the shooting, and avoid capturing any tourists in shot. As such, the best time for shooting was when most of the tourists left the cruise for the land tour at the ports of Penang and Langkawi. These were the two 'Golden Period' of 6-8 hours each. During the 'Golden Period', the crew had almost the entire cruise ship as their playground, working in full force to maximise the shoot as much as possible. 

Anti-slip sole

Anti-slip sole

Shooting on ICE

Did you know that the crew had to work on ice? There is an ice-skating ring in the cruise ship which is one of the shooting locations. The crew and their camera equipment had to be inside the skating ring to carry out the shoot. It was very slippery to walk on ice with ordinary shoes. The crew had to put on anti-slip sole to prevent slip and fall.  

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience as the crew bonded together as a family during the cruise.

The crew on board

  • Cameraman: Steve Wong, Toh Meng Teck
  • Lightingman: Ang Ooi Muah
  • Soundman: Kenny Chan
  • Artisan: Andrian Savary, Benjamin Tan
  • Crew Assistants: Kan Chan Hua, Low Kang Siong
  • Behind-the-scene video:
    • Videography: Guo Huiqi
    • Editing: Tan Chee Beng

Episode 91 and 92 of Life Less Ordinary will be shown on 5 & 6 February 7:30 pm on Channel 8

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