Video Editing Round Up 2017


Get Obsessed! Get Wild! Get Quality! Get emotional with our video editors who are committed to projects they work on!  They will laugh and cry with you in the edit room!

Our video editors have a wide range of editing experience ranging from short turn-around edits, drama, reality, and entertainment to short stories, Sports, TVCs and documentary editing. They work with several hundred hours of raw video footage daily to craft stories that excite our clients and viewers.   Occasionally they leave the editing room and venture outdoors with the production crew to understand the story better.  Interaction with the crew and cast generates creative ideas in their editing.

Our video editors constantly look out for the latest software and explore new editing styles during their spare time. 

Come and share your tears and laughter with us and transform your wild imagination into reality!


Video Editors on-site with location filming crew.

Video Editors on-site with location filming crew.

Our Hero Eson & Heroine Lee Yan on project "Oh My Heroes".

'The most challenging task was to create a direction and style for the programme.  The most unique aspect of this programme were the hosts who acted as special agents, uncovering the hero who executed good deeds. After much discussion and research with the Executive Producer Kang Lay See, we agreed on a more serious tone to contrast the fun element in our non-conventional opening link. 
To execute this style, we had to use a software called After Effects.  It was a tedious process but the end result was very satisfying. We worked with Leonard, the Digital Artist who had a good working relationship with Video Editors and Executive Producer. He helped us to create templates and effects that enhanced the storytelling of the programme. 
The Heroes featured in the programme touched our hearts and we decided to visit some of them during the outdoor shoot.  This enabled us to have a first hand experience of production and witness the Heroes actions in person. In the last episode, an interaction with one of the Heroes, Doctor Kwek, enriched me with her perspective of life and people.  I also witnessed the hard work of the crew working tirelessly in the hot afternoon sun, which I often took for granted as my post production work is carried out in the comfort of an air conditioned suite.  
All in all, our team enjoyed the heartening collaboration and teamwork, and felt that this was a valuable and fulfilling experience. 


“Inspirational” Catherina, our Video Editor:

'"Move On" featured how individuals overcame their struggles and moved past their difficulties to a better stage in their lives. Often, my Executive Producer (EP) will brief me on the stories before picking up the interviews. Editing such semi-documentaries programs is no easy work.  A few unusual stories touch my heart during the edits of their interviews, motivating me to make the extra effort to tell their stories the best I can.'


From left : Video editors Joyce Teo, Tan Si Ya and Simon Poon.

Glee feast with artists and production team.

Glee feast with artists and production team.

“Superwoman" Si Ya, our Video Editor: 

'Post production timeline was tight for the drama “My Friends from Afar” as editing and visual effects had to be worked on concurrently.  The edits had to be precise to prevent unnecessary re-edits during the packaging of visual effects. Some of the scenes were shot in 4K format and the workflow was a learning curve for me. This project emphasised the importance of teamwork.'

“Humorous” Simon, our Senior Video Editor:

'I enjoyed editing the humorous dialogue in this production. I was shocked to see an “Alien” sitting next to me during one of the editing session! There were lots of collaboration and coordination required between Editing, Digital Arts, Colour Grading and our external vendor, CRAVE.  Kudos to everyone who worked as a team in the execution of “My Friends From Afar”.  It was definitely a great experience for me and I'm proud to be part of the team.'


From left : Video editor Victor Yeo and producer Angie Chan.

“Bilingual” Victor, our Principal Video Editor

Editing 'Happy Can Already 3' brought back wonderful memories of my army days where most of my fellow buddies spoke Hokkien.  Although my dialect group is Hainanese, the Hokkien I learnt during my national service helped me in the editing process. I could connect with the dialect and ensured the viewers enjoyed the flow and pace of the Show. I look forward to editing more dramas, with some hopefully in Hainanese?


Countdown End Frame.jpg

Deliver before sunrise, “Midnight Warriors” Rachel, Regine & Wendy

While most of us were ushering the New Year with dinner and drinks,  Media Manager Wendy and Video Editors Rachel & Regine were experiencing a different sort of countdown by working on the repeat show of CELEBRATE 2018 to ensure viewers were able to catch the repeat show on New Year’s Day. They reported to work in 2017 and went home in 2018 ! 
To speed up the editing, segments of the Show were extracted as soon as the programme went into its first commercial break.  Speed was essential as the programme needed to be in our system for the 5pm broadcast on New Year’s Day.  Our team managed to deliver the final cut by 7am! What a great start to the New Year !

Mission accomplished!

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