Countdown party making history

New Year, New Milestones at Studio 1

This is the first time the countdown party was ever held at Mediacorp Studio 1; the largest TV studio in Singapore. It hosted a night of glitz and glamour, with regional and local artistes like The Sam Willows ushering in the New Year with a big bang!


The Transformation

Watch the time-lapse video and see how the studio was transformed from the set of The Sheng Shiong Show the night before into the party's set. It was quite a challenge for the staging crew and our studio crew as they had to race against time to ensure the studio is ready before the biggest party of the year. 

The technicalities

A mosh pit in front of the stage was created flanked with two raised VIP areas against the backdrop of LED screen, LED skylines and the fully retracted seating. Three studio cameras were placed on raised platform and a JIB to capture the front of stage with 3 wireless handheld cameras roving the performance and pit areas. We have also mounted a robotic camera on hoist for top shot and action cameras placed within the DJ booth. For lighting, a total of 88 moving lights and LED lights were deployed to create the party look for Celebrate 2018.

The Studio Crew

Here's the perfect recipe of great teamwork and incredible enthusiasm transformed the studio in one day.

  • Technical producers: Tan Tiong Boon, Razali Harun
  • Camera team: Puan Boon Hooi, Sng Jui Kia, Ng Kai Ting, Lau Siong Chew, Kelvin Tham, Bobby Sim, Lim Chee Huat
  • Lighting Team: Lok Eng Keat, A Razak Maamor, Liew Siew Weng, Lim Heng Kiat
  • Vision and RF control:  Khee Tok Sun, Tom Siow
  • Vision Mixer: Kwan Yew Chong
  • EVS/VT ops: Maisie Huang
  • Sound Team: Peter Tan, Lo Hak Sun, Choo Chong Soon, William Ng, Phua Kia Eng, Yap Lay Hua, Michelle Wong, Renee Roozlynna Binte Roozlan
  • Floor Managers: Steven Ong Lek Tong, Suryani Sarmadi
  • Story Video & Photo: Jolene Chan Ying Bi

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