Behind the scene: Mediacorp year-end music video

Happy Holidays!

To celebrate the festive season, Mediacorp has released a year-end music video of "It's the most wonderful time of the year". If you've missed it, you may view it below, or on our various TV channels, Facebook page and YouTube. 

Here's a fun fact: Did you know the music video was produced entirely within Mediacorp and supported mostly by Production Resource team? Theteam helped out in many aspects of the production, ranging from music arrangement, song recordings, makeup, wardrobe, shooting, lighting, to editing, colour grading and lastly, the final mixing.

The shoot

The preparation and planning took many weeks before the shoot and the ultimate shoot lasted for 3 days. On the last day, in shooting the finale at the 50-steps, our Location Crew deployed four Sony F5 cameras on two tracks and two jib-arms, and a Sony Alpha a7S mirror-less digital camera on gimbal. It was supported by 16 members from the crew team, consists of 4 cameramen, 3 lighting men, 2 sound men, 4 crew assistants and 3 electricians. This is the largest and most epic shoot within our premises and we have not seen such a large number of people gathered for a shoot in the recent years. We even had a drone shot made possible by our colleagues from News crew. 

Credit (production resource team)

Location Crew

  • Camera: Tommy Lee (DOP), Chin Kuan Min, Ang Soon Bee, Yong Kok Wai
  • Lighting: David Cheng, Low Wee Kun, Ooi Cheng Chye,
  • Sound: John Neo, Lew Chun Hao, Sumen P Veerasamy, Chang Kok Leong
  • Crew Assistat: Goh Wee Jin, Low Kang Joon, Mow Chien Pong, Benjamin Tan
  • Electricians: Andrian s/o Savary, Steven Soh

Studio Crew

  • Camera: Kelvin Tham, Tom Siow
  • Ligiting: Abdul Razak Bin Ma'amor
  • Floor Manager:  Suryani Bin Sarmadi

Image Styling

  • Image stylist: Ivan Goh
  • Makeup: Ivy Lim, Chau Kim Wa, Vinson Leo, Henry Wee, Chris Siow, Dennis Chua, Heris, Kate Tang, Tan Yew Lin, Zhang Shen, Chua Geek Heok, Zhi Wei, Cheryl Zhang, Randy  
  • Wardrobe assistant: Soh Siew Ee, Teoh Chye Shin

Post production

  • Music arrangement: Zheng Kai Hua, Mo Juli
  • Color Grading: Leonard Giam
  • Editing: Cynthia Chia

Behind-the-scene video

  • Videographer: Sani bin Bangi
  • Editing: Soh Kok Leong