Patterns of a Nation in President's Star Charity

The President’s Star Charity helps people from all walks of life, those who are less fortunate, and to build a more caring and inclusive society. On the same note,  the  design uses floral patterns found in fabric of different ethnic groups to identify our communities. These cultural motifs are played on a large LED panel and 5 narrow suspended panels which will slide to change the set in fluid transformation. Ahyak, the Senior Art Director has designed a fluid set changes using led screens for the various cultural groups.

This year, President Halimah Yacob graces the show for the first time at Mediacorp and together with our hosts Gurmit Singh, Glenda Chong, Paul Foster and Kimberly Wang 

For more information on Set Design, please click here.

Catch the repeat telecast of President’s Star Charity 2017 on Saturday, Dec 16, Channel 5 at 5pm.

Telepoll hotlines

  • 1900-112-8821 (for S$10 donation) 
  • 1900-112-8822 (for $50 donation) 
  • 1900-112-8823 (for $100 donation) 

You can also donate at, or through the mobile app Dash. Donation hotlines will close on Dec 16 at midnight.