How to shoot a moving car scene


The Shoot

Setting up for shooting a moving car scene was once a demanding task. As technology progressed, so did we; and what once took us 45 minutes to set up, now takes a mere 15 minutes. 

Watch how our camera crew shoots actor Jeffrey Xu for episode 65 of 'Life Less Ordinary', the Channel 8 drama airing on weekdays, 7.30 p.m.  

The technicalities

  • Ensure the mounting surface and the underside of the cups are clean and dry.
  • Place the cup holding the camera and Magic Riser on the car's mounting surface and proceed to pump out the air.
  • Position the two suction cups at approximately 60 degrees off centre to the camera.
  • Link the camera to the suction cups using the Mini Grip heads and Micro Rods, forming a stable triangle mounting set up.

The Equipment

  • 1 x Sony A7s with cage
  • 1 x BH-30 w/Dove Tail Plate
  • 1 x 10" Suction Cup
  • 1 x Magic Riser
  • 4 x 20" Micro Grip Rod
  • 2 x Mini Grip Heads
  • 2 x 6" Cup with 5/8" pin
  • 1x 8" Micro Grip Rod

The Crew

  • Cameraman       - Steve Wong
  • Lightingman      - Cheong Yeow Leck
  • Soundman         - Lew Chun Hao
  • Electrician         - Papusmy S/O Ramalingam
  • Crew Assistant  - Kan Chan Hua
  • Videographer     - Sani Bin Bangi
Car mount kit used in the shoot

Car mount kit used in the shoot


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