The myths and facts about Durians and Aliens

My Friends from Afar

Did you know that a total of twenty two fake durians were used as props in the upcoming Chinese drama series 'My Friends from Afar' (知星人)? These life-sized durians were specially hand-made with realistic spiky thorns. With these durians, you won't get the unique aroma adored by the locals and shunned by foreigners. Best of all, they won't rot. Hence these fake durians can be placed at any filming locations, such as hotel lobbies, where durians are usually banned. 

'My Friends from Afar' is a 20-episode alien romance drama featuring Shaun Chen, Carrie Wong, Paige Chua, Aloysius Pang, and of course, the king-of-fruits. If you like aliens or durians, don't forget to catch the drama on Channel 8! The series will go on air starting 4th December 2017.  

Props store

Not many people are aware that the Mediacorp Campus has a Props Store. The Props Store is hidden discreetly under a public park next to the main building. In there, you can find more than a hundred thousand props that support our various drama and variety show productions. Housed in the store are another 60 pieces of fake durians. Some of them were used previously in Junction Tree, a preschool bilingual series.

Besides the king of fruits, the props store also have a collection of other fruits ranging from apples, bananas, to pears and kiwi, etc. These items have been very popular among productions of all genres. All these fruits can be rented out from 50 cents to $9 each.

For props rental, please contact (65) 6350 3072.

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