An extra-ordinary drama setting in Studio 2

"Life Less Ordinary"

What goes on behind the scene of striking up a set for a drama recording may not be as ordinary and smooth-sailing as it looks. A great amount of logistics preparation were done many months before by a dedicated team that comprises set designers, set decorators, props men, sponsorship facilitators, lighting designers and many other essential team members. Are you curious to know how each team member come together to bring to life the set of “Life Less Ordinary”? Watch the video to find out!

Set Designer

Principal Set Designer Oh Hock Leong faced two key challenges during the planning stage of “Life Less Ordinary”. Firstly, he needed the lead actresses to look convincing as workers in a gift hamper company. As such, Hock Leong invited a gift packing sponsor into the Studio to lend credibility during filming, so that not just the actresses but also the styling of the hampers are as close to real-life as possible.

Secondly, all items that go into a typical hamper must have specially created logos and labels on it for filming purposes. This is a time-consuming task that involves a lot of meticulous planning and work on the part of the team.  

Recording of "Life Less Ordinary" in Mediacorp Studio 2.

Recording of "Life Less Ordinary" in Mediacorp Studio 2.


Mediacorp Studio 2

The set was erected in Mediacorp Studio 2,  a multi-cam full HD production facilities covering a floor area of 700 sqm equipped with a collection of Sony HD 2400 cameras, Canon Broadcast lens and fully automated lighting hoist system.

The control room is located at level 2 complete with:

  1. Production room that houses a full broadcast Sony switcher complete with file based digital archive workflow.
  2. Sound control room operating on a LAWO broadcast console and digital audio network.
  3. Lighting control room with ETC automated light console and Net 3 network

The 1st episode of the long form drama has gone on air on 2 Oct 2017. You may catch-up on Toggle here:

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