We brought Storm into Thong Chai 150th anniversary

Thong Chai Charity Show was held on Sunday 17 September at the MES Theatre at Mediacorp, to commemorate the institution's 150th year of establishment. The aim of this project was to raise funds for the construction of new branches and to enable the younger generation to understand more about Thong Chai.

In the 3-hours show, you would notice the stage bursting with vibrant colours and graphics complementing the songs and dances.

“A total of 480 pieces Storm lights were used on the first three layers, creating depth and visual dynamism to the 4-layer set design” explained Ahyak Yahya, Senior Art Director. “To add grandeur, the main LED screen on the fourth layer split open to allow guests and artistes to walk out from the backstage.”

In line with changing times, the use of graphics in Storm light is apt as it propels Thong Chai to new affirmation and commitment.

The show was Live on Channel 8, has managed to raise a total of $8.86 million.

For more information on Set Design, please click here.