The adrenaline rush of editing at the SEA Games

While you were watching the highlights of the SEA GAMES 2017 on your screens or mobile devices, have you ever wondered how all the breath-taking moments were edited and put together?

The whole process started weeks before the game, Victor Yeo, the Manager of Video Post, began the preparation by testing his equipment at Mediacorp Campus before packing them off to the Games.  As soon as the team arrived at the IBC (International Broadcast Centre) in KL on 14 Aug, Victor quickly assembled the equipment within a day and got ready before the daily action . When he faced technical problems, he had to get support remotely from the engineer team back in Singapore. 
During the 14 days in IBC, Victor and his two fellow video editors had to deal with thousands of hours of footage every day coming in from multiple Live feeds recording plus location rushes. The rushes had to be ingested into the editing server immediately as soon as our cameramen returned to IBC with them. The turnaround time was extremely short, and the scripting and editing took place concurrently. The team took great satisfaction in meeting daily transmission schedules after the adrenaline rush of post-production. 

Victor is a veteran in dealing with international games. He has been involved in the editing support for more than 14 major games since 2007, including the SEA Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games. 

SEA Games might have ended on 30 Aug. You can still relive all the action on Toggle
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System set up:

  • Post production systems are configured with Avid Media Composer workstation on a laptop and EVS server.
  • EVS server takes care of multiple Live feeds recording and quick turnaround playback.
  • Avid Media Composer captured location raw footage on NAS storage. 
  • The footage are packaged with recorded Live feeds and sent back to EVS for playback to air.